The company was founded in 1965 under the guide of Pozzi Antonio who, after his pluriannual experience in an historical company of Milan, soon become one of the main firm in the production of panels and historic aluminum plates of the national territory.

In 1972 the laboratory moves to Castiraga Vidardo where it expands the main processes of aluminum, both mechanical and surface treatments,such as spray painting, screen printing and pad printing.

In 1989 the activity expands to molding plastic matertials, on which gets transferred all the experience previously gained regarding decorations.

In 1991 the sons Marco and Gianpaolo take over the business transforming the sole proprietorship into a limited liability company.

The 2000s after many important efforts in the field of research and development of production processes and materials, they are characterized by a strong specialization in aluminum and glass finishes, mainly dedicated to the underwater sports and perfumery sectors.
After decades of continuous renewal and evolution of production equipment, thanks to the passion applied to our work and thanks to the experience gained during this period, we can say that we can guarantee our customers high quality products, both from a technical and aesthetic point of view.

We follow the customer step by step in the development and during the evolution of the idea that will lead, following tests, simulations and targeted pre-series, to the achievement of the final product to be reproduced in series.
Thanks to the over fifty years activity’s experience, we are able to follow the customer starting from the design phase, passing through the phases of rapid prototyping, mold construction, sampling and product industrialization.

Whether it’s an object in aluminum, plastic or glass, the high degree of “vertical integration” of our production processes allows us to offer a complete service that goes from the raw material to the finished product.

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